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We provide strategic food safety consulting. Our goal is to teach you how to assess and manage food safety risks, locate and interpret the resources to support your approach to food safety, and build the capacity and confidence within your team to address and prevent food safety issues. And if things go wrong, we are here to provide food safety crisis support.

Our depth of experience and expertise means we work efficiently to keep overall fees reasonable. Crisis work is generally billed hourly. Contact us to discuss project fees.

Regulatory Support &
Crisis Response


Whether you're implicated in an outbreak or have an inspection that's gone poorly, we can help.


Need help interpreting a food safety related rule or policy?  Want support in drafting comments to regulators? This is our forte.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Outbreak investigation support

  • Regulatory inspections and interactions, including responses to 483s and warning letters

  • Interpretation and response to product positives

  • FSVP

  • Preventive Controls/ HACCP

  • Food Defense

  • Traceability (Dr. McEntire wrote the book!)

Improving Food Safety: 
Projects & Plans


Regulatory compliance with food safety requirements is the minimum. Leverage our expertise to bring your food safety system to the next level.


Let us help you think through your approach to food safety. We can provide feedback on your food safety plans or consult on strategic food safety initiatives.

Services include: 

  • Recall plan review

  • Hazard analysis review

  • Environmental monitoring program evaluation

  • Sampling and testing plan review

  • Inspection policy review

  • Other aspects of a food safety plan

*note: we do not review plans for alignment with specific audit schemes. We review them through the lens of the best science and risk based practices.​

Training, Mentoring, Facilitating


It's about people. We will teach you how to approach food safety strategically, whether you need PCQI or FSVP training, recall preparedness, facilitation of tricky discussions, or just want support along your career journey.

Courses offered include:

  • PCQI*

  • FSVP*

  • PSA Grower Training**

  • Listeria management

  • Sanitation

  • Recall preparedness and simulations

  • Traceability

  • Risk based thinking

  • Contact us to discuss other topics

* Dr. McEntire is a lead trainer​

**Food Safety Strategy works with a network of PSA trainers, lead trainers and ToTs

Fees start at $5,000/course, for up to 40 participants. Some but not all courses can be offered virtually, and trainings are generally 0.5-3 days. Contact us for more details.

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