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Frequently Asked Questions


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 01  Can you serve as an expert witness?

Yes, I am happy to review cases and provide my expert, unbiased judgement.




 02  Do you offer public trainings? Are you available as an instructor?

Teaching others-- seeing the light bulb go off when people begin to truly understand how to think about food safety risks- is one of the most gratifying parts of my job. I hold a certificate in adult education from ATD training and have created award winning food science and food safety educational programs. I'm a lead instructor for the FSPCA PCQI and FSVP trainings. In my previous positions I have created and executed public and private trainings on a variety of food safety related topics, from Listeria to recall preparedness. While I'm not currently providing public trainings on my own, I'm available as a contract instructor for organizations looking to host public or private trainings. 




 03  What are some top food safety resources?

There's so much out there! Our goal is to connect you to them. Here are a few favorites (let us know if any links are broken):

- Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse  Here you'll find 1-pagers, templates, even courses, volunteered by food safety educators and stakeholders  

-CDC NORS  A great outbreak dashboard to see which organisms and foods have been associated with outbreaks

-FDA Data Dashboard  See a firms history: recalls, import alerts, inspections. Great to help with supply chain management




 04  TBD

What are you interested in?



 05  More questions?

What can we tell you?

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